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Glass Tea Cups: Add A Little Elegance To The Table

Glass tea cups are exactly what they sound like: tea cups made out of glass. Most are clear, but they can have prints on the glass that give it a more decorative feel. Even without the prints, a plain clear tea cup has a very delicate, elegant appearance.

  • 22 Jun 2017

Cancer Prevention And What Green Tea Can Do

Most people are scared stiff of contracting cancer. That is perfectly understandable - who wants to spend a couple of years undergoing chemotherapy only to die a few years later? Or even if you recover it is a few years out of your life that have been worrying and gruelling. And not just for the patient but for friends and family as well.

  • 25 Jun 2017

Accent Tables - Essential In Teatime Etiquette

It's a forgotten art in many areas, but teatime used to be a tradition. All ladies knew that at a certain point in the day they were to look lovely and host, or be hosted, for tea.

While the furniture that is meant to go with this event is still readily available, like accent tables, few know the rules that go with teatime.

  • 25 Jun 2017
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7 Jul 2017
Posted By Paulette G.

Where to Purchase the Best Loose Leaf Tea

Are you confused about whether to go for loose leaf tea tins or tea bags? Though the origin of both is the same in terms of the plant it is derived from, the longevity, taste and quality of the final product are influenced by a range of factors. As far as loose teas are concerned, they are made from the finest buds and leaves of the plant called Camellia sinensis. That is why they taste so much better than tea bags which usually comprise tinier pieces of fannings or leaves.
5 Jul 2017
Posted By Claire C.

Top 10 L-Theanine Benefits: Best Reasons to drink more Tea

Today, tea is very much available in different variations - iced tea, milk tea, and the good old hot tea in tea bags. No wonder that every day, more and more people are having a sip of the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. Drinking tea is refreshing, relaxing, and actually very healthy, thanks to a very active amino acid called L-theanine. L-theanine is a very special amino acid.
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28 Jun 2017
Posted By Everett R.

How The Simple Practice Of Drinking Green Tea May Possible Aid In Cancer Prevention

Cancer along with heart disease is probably one of the worst diseases today but new research in alternative medicine approaches are beginning to indicate that natural methods of treating some of these maladies may work better than previously believed. One of the substances that is being tested is Green Tea which has been touted for its healing properties for thousands of years in the Far East.
10 Jul 2017

Burn Fat - Weight Loss in Tea Recipes

http://fitlife.tv/saturday-strategy-fat-burn-tea/ http://juicewithdrew.com In this week's Saturday Strategy, we're going to talk about 5 super-gredients that you can ...

5 Jul 2017

What Makes Green Tea a Superfood? | Superfoods Guide

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28 Jun 2017

How to Make Russian Tea Cakes | Christmas Cookies

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